Cum sa iti denumesti brandul si cum sa ii stabilesti Core Values

Ei bine cum faci asta? Cati dintre noi am avut oportunitatea de a porni de la 0 cu o companiei vreodata? 0 insemnand fara nume de brand, fara Core Values ale companiei! Fara NIMIC. Misiunea, Viziunea si Valorile de baza pentru o companiei deschid portile la branding, strategie, comunicare… insa in general le primim gata definite.

Am inceput prin a ne cunoaste ca echipa si a intelege aportul pe care il aduce fiecare dintre noi. Am continuat sa ne ascultam pana am ajuns sa ne intelegem – fara ca niciun superior sa ne spuna cum sa o facem, pentru simplul fapt ca nu aveam niciun superior. Ne-am pus deacord 7 specialisti din 7 domenii diferite iar apoi am pus “pe hartie” dorintele noastre in texte ce se regasesc si acum (2 ani mai tarziu) pe siteul ByNori.

We strive to bring nature closer to each costumer through our products.
Our mission is to go as further as we can intro sustainability and try to provide
our customers with textile, clothing, decorations, that together have the
potential to create a more sustainable lifestyle in general but they also have a strong fundament into the modern world that we all live in.
Why we want to do it this way? Because we think that the designer’s intentions are embedded within the designed object and we are decided to be the change we want to see in the fashion industry.
How our suppliers look like? Ideally, our suppliers share our values, or at least some of them, and understand that when there product it’s completed it is not an ending, it’s a new beginning!

Many brands identify sustainable fashion as fashion that is simply made from ecological materials. We identify sustainable fashion as a never ending work in progress. Because even regarding ecofriendly materials – It’s how you use
them that dictates the environmental impact. So it isn’t just about great textile,local products or even certified materials, it is about sustainability, innovation, quality, comfort and above all respecting nature.

We strongly believe that designing is fundamental to being human – we design and in turn we are shaped by our creations through our interactions with the structural and material specifications of our environments. That is why we give our best, that is why we handpick each supplier, each material, design useful, comfy products and help our customers maintain themselves in communion with nature.